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Bellestraat 55

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If you like authenticity in a quiet environment, you will enjoy your stay in our renovated farmhouse The Herb Farm (Kruidenboerderij) in Lebbeke, between Aalst and Dendermonde.

Over 275 years, the farmhouse was build. Even the grandmother of Erik was born here. At this moment, the farm is no longer active but we want to presurve the authentic landscape elements as much as possible. Come along and enjoy this piece of cultural heritage: in the backyard a typical orchard, a rare hawthorn hedge and of course the herb garden with numerous native plants and herbs.

You stay in the former stables which are arranged as modern holiday apartments Sage (5p) or Thyme (2p).

The Herb Farm is located behind a dead end street and is surrounded by fields ... quiet and relaxing.

We look forward to welcome you!

Erik and Heidi Gillis-Huysveld, Bram and Hanne